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Assembly Tooling

HTI Cybernetics focuses on optimizing your workflow and productivity while seamlessly integrating into your manufacturing operations. Whether process is – or will be – automated or performed by an operator, proper tooling ensures that assemblies are joined properly and efficiently, every single time.

We address challenges in a variety of production environments to eliminate bottlenecks caused by poor ergonomics. Our experts will customize solutions to your requirements and specifications, positioning your operation for more precise and fluid output.

Assembly Tooling sub-assembly tasks

Sub-Assembly Tables

Enable product to be assembled offline, or independent of the main line, to improve productivity. Semi-automatic stations enhance operator efficiency, while workstations with Poka-Yoke interlocks significantly error-proof production processes.

Secure Tools

HTI Cybernetics designs and builds secure tools to produce assemblies that turn out parts more accurately and increase the repeatability of secure joints for greater efficiency. These tools also eliminate variability of torque requirements by using programmable limits.

Assembly Tooling
Assembly Tooling torque tubes

Torque Tubes

Designed for ease of movement in zero gravity or pneumatic up/down capability, this solution improves ergonomics on two counts: First, lightweight design reduces fatigue for the operator. In addition, by absorbing torque reaction from fastening joins, it protects workers from the physical stresses of torque reaction.

Testing Equipment

Advanced technology standardizes your inspection processes and reduces part errors to eliminate inefficiencies in testing.

Assembly Tooling testing equipment

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