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Material Handling

There are great strides to be made in manufacturing operations with our numerous offerings in Material Handling Equipment. With our expertise, you can enlist solutions that improve ergonomics, productivity, quality, and safety through the seamless integration of added support.

Optimize operations through the ability to transport product or material quickly and efficiently, which allows for multi-station production that minimizes operator fatigue. This equipment also generates consistent quality Consistent Quality with less error.

Material Handling lift assists

Lift Assists

The engineers of HTI Cybernetics design and build lift assists that provide multiple operational and ergonomic advantages:

  • Enhance operator capabilities
  • Minimize risk of operator fatigue and injury
  • Create flexibility in product pick/place orientation with product manipulation
  • Ease of maintenance extends tool life and decreases service repairs
Material Handling carrier carts

Carriers & Carts

Our standardized, custom solutions enhance safety and the efficiency of the production process in a number of ways:

  • Handle multiple models for production flexibility
  • Multi-station transfers allow for efficient material distribution
  • Ergonomic operator interface reduces risk for your work force
Material Handling articulating arm

Articulating Arms

Manipulate tooling throughout a workstation with minimal effort by the operator. Easing movement absorbs torque reaction and reduces operator fatigue and minimizes force required. In addition:

  • Precise product positioning reduces cycle time
  • Arm control options include pneumatic or PLC controlled with zero gravity capability
Material Handling

Conveyor Systems

Integrated conveyance solutions from HTI Cybernetics increases uptime and output with more efficient routing of product and material. Designed for durability, they can ultimately reduce operational costs, as well as:

  • Available configurations range from light- to heavy-duty for flexibility across operations
  • Precise product presentation improves repeatability and accuracy
  • Added control of multiple product models allows for sub-assembly with tooling pallet integration
Material Handling automated guided vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles

When faced with any number of constraints and challenges, Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) can transport material or product quickly and efficiently to optimize workflow processes, add flexibility to your manufacturing operations, and improve workplace safety.

AGVs are useful to a variety of industries and applications, and customizable to your unique specifications. They can make the most of your footprint and flow to achieve the following:

  • Operate in areas difficult for humans to access
  • Seamless deployment into your existing production
  • Reduce overall footprint with multi-purpose utilization of floor space
  • Expand capacity and throughput with the use of multiple AGVs
  • Travel path easily adapted to accommodate production changes
  • Increased safety for operators due to detection sensors and other features

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