The heart of value engineering

Engineering team and approach

Through customer-focused collaboration, we identify your challenge and then embark on a more efficient design. At that point, the engineering team at HTI Cybernetics employs a systematic approach to creating an innovative solution specific to your application and its parameters. This is our defined path for providing greater ROI in manufacturing operations in a rapidly changing landscape.

Engineering mechanical capabilities

Mechanical capabilities

Lean tooling methodologies are essential to functionality, cost, and even aesthetics in an overall system. HTI Cybernetics comes to the table with intricately detailed mechanical parts and structure that looks for perfection at micro-levels.

Controls engineering

Analysis of design and performance testing of any design we develop assures the new system’s element function. Operational tolerances, prototyping, and consistency in results are our benchmarks for manufacturing excellence.

Engineering controls engineering
Engineering industrial process

Industrial process/layout

What is the overall process? How does one step flow into the next? HTI Cybernetics maps out every detail to provide a thorough understanding of “how it is all going to work.” Machine placement, materials, and more are evaluated for presentation to our client.

Software capabilities

Simulation drives efficiency, performance, and innovation while reducing development effort, costs, and time-to-market. With CAD and other applications, we are able to visualize and demonstrate how concepts will behave before moving forward with more concrete steps.

Engineering software capabilities

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