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Automation Systems

HTI Cybernetics encompasses every aspect of automation systems including design, build, and the integration of flexible automation systems. Improvements can be applied to a variety of applications and production environments, optimizing workflow within assembly and sub-assembly manufacturing areas to increase output consistency and quality.

Our automation systems are designed to improve and maintain production levels for the long term. Our integration expertise applies to all robot manufacturers. Adaptable to future modification or redeployment, they ensure flexibility and ease in the case of product changeover. Our expert team is ready to deliver success compliant with ANSI/RIA safety standards, whatever your applications, specifications, or challenges.

  • Compliant with ANSI/RIA safety standards

  • Robotic integration expertise

  • Customize to application specifications

  • Optimize capital equipment

  • Meet cycle time requirements

  • Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)


Automated Assembly

Lowers production costs while improving quality efficiency.

Fastening & Joining

Easy, efficient, and economic fabrication of product.

Laser Welding & Cutting

Achieve more complex designs and greater accuracy.

Dissimilar Metals

A cost-effective way to combine different materials, such as steel or aluminum.

Weld Automation

Delivers faster processes and higher quality of work.

Grinding & Buffing

Remove excess material quickly to your specifications.

Adhesive & Sealant

Ensure precision, accuracy, and quality control.

Self-Piercing Riveting

Applicable to a variety of materials and material combinations.

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